Stefan Gerber

Optimization model for energy- and EWH usage costs of schools and public buildings.

Masters in Engineering Student

The goal of this project is to create a mathematical model capable of determining the optimal cost saving solution based on the clients needs and objectives, specifically public schools. This includes providing structured installation cost to savings options, as the most effective solution may be too expensive. This project does not focus on reducing the amount of energy used, but reducing the cost of the energy used through solar, battery- and thermal storages.
With this generic model a solution will be provided based on previous usage and location data, and as such is not specific to one location or entity.
Data used during the development will include historic weather- and solar irradiance data, as well as data collected by the Intelligent Geyser System (IGS), and Smart Energy meter. Both of these having been developed by previous masters’ students, and currently implemented in a number of schools.
During my work I cover topics related to application development, data science and statistics.