Evaluating the impacts of electric-minibus-taxis and opportunities for employing renewables

69% of South African households are quoted to use minibus taxis (Statistics South Africa 2013). If the Electric-Vehicle revolution, which has already started in many 1st-world countries, starts to transform South Africa too, some major questions arise. Will the grid be able to cope with the electrical load, will taxi drivers still be able to make a profit, and how can the taxi be designed (battery size, motor power) to meet consumer demand? This calls for the need for simulation.

My research aim is to develop a simulation tool that can evaluate the performance of such a system and additionally apply the simulation tool to a practical scenario and present the findings.

It is envisaged that the research will also be of use to researchers/transport-planners from other countries who need to evaluate the impact of converting other forms of demand-responsive-transport (such as Ubers, Auto-rickshaws, Kenya’s Matatus, etc.) to electric.