Water and electricty utility VAS & Cloud Computing
Masters in Engineering Student


Water is an essential part of human life and the need for the conservation and responsible use thereof is universally recognised. However, the only information we receive about our water use is a monthly bill that tells us our total water usage for the month. This makes it difficult to link water use to specific activities (such as showering or outdoor use) and to find ways of reducing water consumption. Smart metering is a means of addressing this problem as it allows for the collection of high resolution water use data. Some of the applications of smart metering in the water industry include: leakage detection; enhanced monitoring and control of assets (e.g. remote consumer meter control); and improved customer billing.

My project aims to expand on MTN’s current M2M solutions by focusing on consumer feedback of water usage data via an Android app and an online web portal. I will also investigate applications of smart metering in the African context, es