The Development of a Low-Cost IoT Platform for Sustainable Development Applications in Developing Countries

The world desperately needs to improve the sustainability of the agriculture, energy, and other industries to reduce the negative impact we have on the planet. Through the rapid development of interconnected devices and associated technologies, collectively known as Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, industries can develop smart monitoring and control solutions that both improve sustainability and reduce operating costs.

Unfortunately, the development of IoT solutions is focused towards developed countries that have the capital to invest in these solutions, as well as the large-scale operations that can benefit from expensive high-tech solutions. These are too costly and often not suitable for implementing in developing countries.

My project focuses on the development of an IoT platform that is suitable for implementation in developing countries. The aim is to make the platform universal by allowing standardized addons be used to change the functionality of the final device. Such a product will need to be low-cost, easy to use/implement, and scalable so that it can be accessible and suitable for use in developing countries. A successful outcome would be increased use/development of IoT solutions in developing countries and ultimately improved sustainability amongst all industries.

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